Cultural Immersion Opportunities
Since 1982 GATE's immersion program has offered a rich tradition of reality tours to Latin America and Eastern Europe.  GATE's experienced staff believes that global solidarity is built on people-to-people experiences and connects participants with the marginalized who, though struggling, find hope in their reality.
GATE offers the opportunity to learn from the poor, as well as, from social analysts, teachers, theologians and economists.  Through lectures and visits in the communities, mutual learning happens.
Mexico City and Chiapas Immersion visiting CODIMUJ, an indigenous women's initiative.
Customized programs for your group
GATE provides several programs each year for seminaries, universities, parish and youth groups, as well as other interest groups.  Contact us at the GATE office and we will help you arrange a time and design a program to fit your group.
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Meet the beautiful indigenous peoples of Guatemala.  Explore human rights issues and an active resistance that stretches across centuries, as well as the implications of a more recent development, CAFTA, and immigration issues.  Special guest presenter, Julia Esquivel--poet, theologian, and human rights advocate--shares her spiritual wisdom.  The Holy Week tour is highlighted by amazing and inspiring street processions in Antigua.
El Salvador
Visit the sites where Oscar Romero, this six Jesuits and their co-workers, and the four North American church women were killed.  Take part in spirited dialogue with people in grass roots movements, religious leaders, staff at the U.S. embassy and those who experience a young democracy facing global challenges.  Learn how trade agreements affect immigration and the poor.  Witness the efforts of a President, who seeks to improve life for the poor. Enjoy this beautiful and diverse country. 
Oaxaca, Mexico
Travel to southern Mexico and find an exciting land that encompasses a variety of ethnic cultures, unique cuisine and famous style of pottery and weaving.  Oaxaca is a poor state and you will learn something of the problems it faces in education, agriculture, and immigration, especially as they touch the lives of indigenous women.  Visit impressive museums and churches as well as ancient ruins (among them, the ancient Zapotec capital).
Gate is offering a program to Peru! Join us to meet modern people of Incan ancestry and a diverse culture that dates back to the Norte Chico civilization, one of the oldest in the world. The founder of GATE, Sister Stephanie Lindsey, S.C. lived and worked in Peru for 18 years. Join us, and experience their music, art, culture, food, theater and history. Meet teachers, scientists and historians. Learn about environmental issues and challenges as well as their health system. Meet with an NGO that works with women's issues in all of the Americas. Enjoy Cuzco, an archaeological capital in the Americas as well as the continent's oldest, continuously inhabited city. We hope to include Machu Picchu as part of the experience, as well.
Experience the vibrant cosmopolitan flavor of Mexico City while walking through its history and understanding its modern challenges.  Then travel north to a rural town that provides a wholly different experience in the State of Guanajuato.  These two dynamic components offer insight into the reality of Mexico today.  This program includes a stop at the shrine of Guadalupe and a visit to the historic central square.
Mexico City/Chiapas
Learn what life is like in Mexico City, one of the largest cities in the world, a city with an exciting history and many modern challenges.  Then fly to Chiapas, a center of indigenous culture, and the peaceful colonial city of San Cristobal de Las Casas.  Meet with indigenous leaders and human rights workers who offer alternative models for respecting differences.  Experience the natural beauty of one of Mexico's most beautiful states.  These two dynamic components offer insight into the reality of Mexico today.
Participate in this opportunity to visit a people and country where cooperatives abound, education is a priority and health care is available to those in need. Visit with government representatives and church leaders. Witness the active community councils, where grassroots democracy flourishes. See the processing of cacao. Contrast the frenzy of Caracas with the calm of the countryside.  Meet with ordinary people who have opted for a different economic model, reap the fruits of their labors, and find hope in unexpected places.

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