July 13-23, 2017

Registration deadline: April 19, 2017 


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Encounter people living out their values through active resistance. See first hand the effects of trade agreements in the countryside and how emigration is seen as a sole alternative. Witness grassroots efforts to provide jobs to build a more sustainable future. Explore human rights issues. Presenter Julia Esquivel, poet, theologian, teacher, and human rights advocate, shares her spiritual wisdom.

Come and walk this land with us!
Cathedral in Antigua; photo taken by Jim Hendrickson
The program includes several presentations that orient the participant to the reality of the country, including:
  • Mayan roots and spirituality
  • Historical and political reality of Guatemala
  • Human rights and concerns
  • Systems of poverty affecting indigenous people
  • Community leadership in liberation model
  • Learn how economic needs affect immigration issues
Starts in Guatemala City, then moves to the highland of Quiche, San Lucas Toliman, Santiago Atitlan, in the lake area, and ends in Antigua.
Chichicastenango market.
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Resources for more information on Guatemala:

GHRC: Founded in 1982, the Guatemala Human Rights Commission/USA (GHRC) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, humanitarian organization that monitors, documents, and reports on the human rights situation in Guatemala, advocates for survivors of human rights abuses in Guatemala, and works toward positive, systemic change.
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July 13-23, 2017

Registration deadline: April 19, 2017 


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Registration Fee: $100.00 if registered by the deadline date.
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Air fare not included. All trips include transportation
(except taxi to airport at the end of the trip), accommodations,
and food (except one meal).
"Wonderfully diverse, yet all contributed to the experience of Guatemala and her beautiful people. Thank you for this wonderful, life-giving and most of all, spiritually renewing journey!
The hope I've seen will stay with me."
~ M. D.F., Washington

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