GATE cultural immersion programs offer participants the opportunity to encounter people who
share their history, values, art, hopes and dreams with us. Learn of other ways of living
and being. Experience ancient and modern cultures side by side. Expand your own
compassion into a spirituality of solidarity, as people become sister and brother to us all.

Our 2017 programs are below: register with us early to secure a place for yourself. Please go to the destination page for a particular program, for prices and further information. 

• Cuba 2017..................................November 7-17, 2017  
         Registration deadline: TBA

• Cuba 2017..................................December 1-11, 2017  
         Registration deadline: TBA

• El Salvador.................................August 8-18, 2017
         Registration deadline: April 28, 2017

• Guatemala..................................July 13-23, 2017
         Registration deadline: May 19, 2017

• Mexico & Chiapas......................June 20-30, 2017
         Registration deadline: April 21, 2017

• Peru...........................................April 25-May 5, 2017
         Registration deadline: February 12, 2017                           

Arrive: Late night in Lima, April 25th, 2017
Depart: Late night from Lima, May 5th, 2017
(arriving in US the morning of May 6, 2017)

Our mission is to create an awareness of other cultures and their realities
through people-to-people connections. We offer the opportunity to learn
from the poor, as well as from social analysts, teachers, theologians
and economists. The program connects participants with marginalized
who, despite struggle, find hope in their reality.
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People Are #1

"People Are #1" a book by Roger Yockey (GATE Participant)
Share in the story of the 1989 strike and lockout of thousands of union grocery workers in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. The 81-day struggle of the workers, with support from labor, church, and consumers against corporate greed is a story you will want to know about.
The proceeds will go toward the water project for an indigenous community in the State of Veracruz, Mexico. The projected cost is $50,000. The people had been displaced from their homelands due to flooding 2 years ago. On their own, the people would never have the resources to cover the costs.
We know clean water means that everyone's health improves, and women do not have to walk kilometers every day to find water and carry it back home. Any contributions help to move the water project forward.
A signed copy of the book can be obtained by sending a check to:
Roger Yockey
15026 40th Avenue West #4-104
Lynnwood, WA 98087
Books are $12 each (paperback) plus $3 for shipping and handling. Please list the number of books, your return address, and phone number. Make checks payable to Roger Yockey. Money from the sale of the book will go to GATE's water project in Veracruz, Mexico. Roger and his wife, Marilyn, are Secular Franciscans, who have been servant learners in volunteer programs in the United States, Latin America, and Europe.

Peru program!

Join us in Peru, April 25-May 5, 2017, and April 21-May 1, 2018. Call us today and sign-up for the experience of a lifetime.

Welcome to The Christine Center

The Christine Center offers an exquisite hilltop facility overlooking a meadow of wildflowers, a still pond, and a tranquil forest setting of 120 secluded acres. Nestled in the quiet woods, you'll be reminded to slow down, to know the limitless opportunities of life, to simply be. Here you can leave behind your usual routines, refresh your senses and allow the luxury of silence to renew your body, mind, heart and spirit.
The Center has served the spiritual needs of thousands of people from all over the world for almost thirty years. Since 1980, people from all spiritual paths and walks of life have come here with a desire to move inward to a place of quiet reflection, and outward to a place of timeless connection in search of their deeper spiritual identities. All are welcome to enjoy our natural sanctuary and to partake of its quiet beauty.
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El Salvador Blog

Journey to El Salvador, without ever leaving your desk! Simply click here to experience the El Salvador GATE trip with traveler Charish Badzinski in a day-by-day account of her experiences.
A freelance writer and editor, Charish Badzinski posted regular updates throughout her trip in June of 2007. Check out her experiences and welcome a small piece of El Salvador into your busy day...

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People Are #1...

Check out this unique publication and learn of
the struggle for rights and
equality in the work place!

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We still have spaces available for Peru! Join us this spring!Read More...

The Christine Center

Is a Spirituality Center that is firmly rooted in the Catholic
mystical tradition. Grounded
in Franciscan Spirituality, it
is deeply respectful of all spiritual paths and encouraging of all those who seek to know God.



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